Organizational Structure

Structure of SEL4NJ

The organizational structure of SEL4NJ consists of the following:

Leadership Team: The Leadership Team is responsible for guiding the work of SEL4NJ. This team does the work of the organization and is comprised of the organization’s officers and other at-large members.  The President of the organization is the official spokesperson of SEL4NJ.  The officers of SEL4NJ represent the organization at the national level as part of SEL4US.

Advisory Council:  The Advisory Council is the larger leadership organization of SEL4NJ, consisting of the Leadership Team, Standing Committees, Work Group Leads, Representatives from partner organizations, Members-at-Large, and other members of the organization on an ad hoc basis.

Work Groups are made up of volunteers from participating institutions as well as  individuals and address important topics and the needs of the organization. These work groups now include but are not be limited to the following…

  • Career and Future Readiness
  • Educational Equity
  • Higher Education
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Policy
  • School Implementation and Support
  • School Provider and Quality Implementation (SPQI)
  • SEL and the Arts
Other work groups may be added based on the evolving needs of the organization.
Click HERE to view an infographic of our organizational structure.Work