Current Work Groups

A current focus of SEL4NJ is to better understand the landscape of SEL within the state. We believe that by identifying strengths and opportunities in key areas we will lay a strong foundation for a focused approach to making real lasting change as we move forward.

We are beginning with six key areas and have identified three over-arching questions we hope to answer over the next couple of months.

Work Groups are currently being formed for each key area – if you are interested in participating please reach out to Alicia or Liz at As we progress, we fully expect to expand the list of key areas – please reach out if you have a particular interest in an area not listed below.


 The first six key areas are:

Career and Future Readiness

Educational Equity

Higher Education

Mental and Physical Health


School Implementation and Supports

SEL4NJ work group topics were identified by the leadership team and refined through input from our members. As a next step, the SEL4NJ leadership team will appoint leaders and participants to each work group to conduct a collaborative landscape analysis resulting in a brief report. The landscape assessment will inform strategic decision-making and operational priorities of the group. To ensure some consistency between the different work groups, each team is tasked with answering the following three broad questions:

  1. What is the relevance and relationship of each work group and SEL broadly defined?
  2. What are the current gaps / challenges facing each work group in relation to SEL broadly defined to ensure schools and students are best prepared for success?
  3. What are the opportunities for each work group to start to address these gaps?