To successfully accomplish the goal of promoting SEL for all students, collaboration is required within schools, across schools, and among child-serving organizations and agencies. A partnership between schools, health and mental health organizations, professional associations, higher education, corporate/business organizations, and local community is necessary. SEL4NJ provides a framework for this partnership by bringing together these institutions and organizations to form one strong voice advocating for SEL.




ConveningSEL4NJ will host regular meetings and serve as a clearinghouse for SEL-related events held throughout the state and region and provide learning opportunities on topics of mutual interest.

Shared SEL resourcesSEL4NJ provides support for schools in determining the quality and fit of resources or supports for SEL and serve as a vehicle to connect schools with other state and local organizations that could provide these resources and supports.

Shared capacity-building resourcesSEL4NJ will develop corporate, non-profit and other sources of support for SEL and determine how our participants can support the efforts of SEL4NJ.

Technical assistanceSEL4NJ will utilize the resources developed by SEL4NJ, participating organizations, and the volunteer network to provide direct technical assistance to schools.

Projected Outcomes

In New Jersey, many organizations believe that SEL, as broadly defined in this document, is an important ingredient for building positive school climate and culture and a foundational element for all students’ education. SEL4NJ provides a means for these organizations to participate in a network of like-minded SEL advocates and build capacity together. This networking and collaboration will lead to a greater impact on New Jersey’s schools and students.  Further, this impact will be enhanced by New Jersey’s role within a national alliance, SEL4US.