4 strategies for unlocking the value of SEL

Summary:  Stephanie Parry of the Newark Trust for Education makes four important points about the value of SEL.  These include [1] The importance of Adult SEL, [2] Listening to family, student, and community voices, [3] adoption of comprehensive SEL standards, and [4] aligning and integrating SEL providers in school settings.  Following these strategies will help schools get the most value out of their SEL implementation efforts.

Source:  Stephanie Parry, K12 DIVE, December 9, 2022

Description:  “Contentious rhetoric from a minority of people has put educators and experts on the defense about the long-established benefits of social-emotional learning. After months of political football on the topic, and with heightened national concern about student well-being and learning loss, it’s time to get back to the discussion about what states, districts and schools should do to ensure students are developing the competencies necessary to promote learning and development.”

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