Engaging and Empowering the Voices of ALL Students

Presenter:  Patrick Fennell, Empowerment Solutions and the School Culture and Climate Initiative

Source:  SEL4US SEL Day Summit, March 8, s024

Description:  Societal norms have evolved since the Victorian era adage “children should be seen and not heard”.  However, there are students with diverse identities, varied interests and differing backgrounds, abilities and perspectives who feel their voices are not heard or valued in their school community to this very day.  This interactive workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect upon their daily practice of engaging and empowering the voices of all students within their own school community and share best practices to empower students, enhance student voice and develop meaningful relationships.  Students will also share their thoughts about the impact and outcomes of being included and involved in the decision-making process and the shaping of their school culture and climate.

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