Is SEL really getting a bad name? Here’s what parents and teachers say…

Summary: This article reports on an analysis of a study done for the Committee for Children which looks at parent and teacher attitudes toward the teaching of social-emotional learning in schools. The end result is that parents and teachers value the teaching of these skills even in states where SEL is under attack. Despite these attacks, parents see the importance of these skills for their children’s future success.

Source: Matt Zalaznick, District Administration. May 17, 2022

Description: “A large majority of parents, regardless of their political beliefs, agree that schools have a role in teaching social-emotional skills such as communication, decision-making, coping with emotions and self-esteem. Most parents also said their schools were doing the right amount of SEL instruction or should do more. And only a small number associated SEL with negative concepts such as brainwashing or teachers overstepping their boundaries. These findings also held true in southern states, where there have been more legislative efforts to restrict social-emotional learning.”

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