K-12 Integration Smart Brief

Summary: The attached Smart Brief shows how schools can integrate SEL into the K-12 Curriculum. Several examples of how this can be done are shared in the article. This work can be applied from pre-school to middle and high school settings. Techniques range from social decision-making as early as pre-school, to the development of classroom rules and routines, to student discourse on societal issues at the middle and high school. These approaches enable teachers to infuse SEL into instruction in an authentic way without it being “one more thing.”

Source: Maurice Elias, Rutgers SECD Lab, Fall 2023

Description: “SEL programs have a long-lasting positive impact on student behavior and academic outcomes. Yet teachers and administrators don’t have extra time or necessary resources to incorporate entirely-new SEL curriculum at their schools. Finding ways to bring it into the work they are already doing is a smart, and effective, way to ensure that students’ SEL needs are met.”

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