Rejecting ‘social emotional learning’ in math books doesn’t add up, puzzled educators say

Summary: This article offers a reaction to the rejection of math textbooks in Florida based on objections about references in the books including those associated with social emotional learning. Maurice Elias and Jordan Posamentier offer their views on the rejection of these texts and offer examples of why this doesn’t make sense.

Source: Leslie Postal, Orlando Sentinel, April 29, 2022

Description: “Florida made national headlines when it announced its rejection of 54 math textbooks, claiming, without evidence, that some aimed to indoctrinate children with “critical race theory” and other inappropriate topics. But what most puzzled some educators and academics was the state’s determination to ban books that included “social emotional learning.” After all, a decent description of that tenet can be found in Florida’s new “individual freedom” law (HB 7), the one Gov. Ron DeSantis dubbed his “anti-woke” measure and pushed as a way to ban critical race theory, said Jordan Posamentier, vice president of policy and advocacy at the Committee for Children, which champions social emotional learning. The law, which DeSantis signed April 22, says Florida’s public school students should learn ‘life skills that build confidence, support mental and emotional health, and enable students to overcome challenges.’”

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