SEL Across the Tiered System of Support

Presenter:  Kim Spagone, Rowan University

Source:  SEL4NJ SEL Week School Showcase Webinar Series, March 4, 0204

Description: This webinar will provide strategies for integrating SEL into all levels of service provision, including universal classroom instruction and targeted supports for at-risk students and families. The presenter will describe how her school shifted from a “refer-classify-provide services” model to one that provides universal and targeted support across all settings, regardless of whether the student has an identified disability. SEL has been integrated into multiple universal practices, and the school has developed a Wellness Team to support students, staff, and families, and who are key members of policy and procedure decisions at the district level. The SEL content taught to staff – the universal language we’re continuing to work to integrate – will be reviewed to end the presentation.

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