Classroom Strategies

What Does Social Emotional Learning Look Like in Elementary Schools?

Presenters: Grace Rivetti and Andrea Sadow, School Counselors Source:  SEL4NJ SEL Week School Showcase Webinar Series, March 7, 2024 Description: Elementary School Counselors wear many hats. Our role in the social emotional learning of students takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. This session will include descriptions of the counseling programs in two school […]

Embedding SEL into Arts Education

Presenters: Scott Edgar, Yorel Lashley, Wendy Liscow, and Kira Rizzuto, ArtsEdSEL/ArtsEdNJ Source:  SEL4NJ SEL Week School Showcase Webinar Series, March 6, 2024 Description:  Artistic SEL intentionally embeds life skill development into artistic processes and practices in service of student empowerment to enrich both artistic fluency and human development. We will introduce the Center for Arts […]

How SEL Builds a Future-Ready Workplace

Presenter:  Christy Biedron, Junior Achievement of New Jersey Source: SEL4NJ SEL Week School Showcase Webinar Series, March 6, 2024 Description:  According to the 2023 Future of Jobs Report, employers estimate that 44% of workers’ skills will be disrupted in the next five years. This session will discuss the key skills employers need as technology advances, […]

School Wide Behavioral Expectations: Clear, Consistent, and Impactful

Presenter: Erica Brentan, School Culture and Climate Initiative Consultant Source:  SEL4NJ SEL Week School Showcase Webinar Series, March 5, 2024 Description:  Even the most well-intentioned schools can have too many behavioral goals for students. With Character Education programs, district goals, SEL competencies, classroom, and school rules all in place, these efforts can sometimes work against […]

Social and Emotional Learning on the Walls

Summary: This article recounts some experiences from school visitations where social-emotional learning is clearly valued by staff, students, and community. These schools have been intentional in their approach and this is evident when walking around the school and seeing displays which promote SEL skills and character strengths. Source: Maurice Elias, Edutopia, January 3, 2024 Description: “I [Elias]was reminded […]

K-12 Integration Smart Brief

Summary: The attached Smart Brief shows how schools can integrate SEL into the K-12 Curriculum. Several examples of how this can be done are shared in the article. This work can be applied from pre-school to middle and high school settings. Techniques range from social decision-making as early as pre-school, to the development of classroom rules […]

Using SEL to Meet the Current Needs of Students and Staff

Summary: This article offers six suggestions as to how social-emotional skills can be used to benefit both teachers and their students in these challenging times for education. These suggestions go beyond implementing a program or a curriculum to how SEL skills when embedded in instruction can boost teacher morale and job satisfaction while supporting students’ growth […]

Adding SEL to Your School Without Adding to Teachers’ Workload

Summary: This article talks about the importance of infusing social-emotional skills into classroom instruction without adding additional responsibilities for teachers. Dr. Elias shares six strategies for adding SEL IN and and not ON without having teachers learn a whole new curriculum. Source: Maurice Elias, Edutopia, June 22, 2023 Description: “Fostering social and emotional development is about more than […]

The Antidote to Bullying

Summary: This article speaks to the importance of SEL skills in dealing with bullying and cyberbullying in schools. In schools where SEL skills are integrated into the curriculum, bullying and cyberbullying is less prevalent. The article also shares a role-playing activity and video that lets students practice decision-making in relation to bullying incidents. Source: Douglas Fisher and […]

5 Ways to Encourage Students to Develop Intellectual Humility

Summary: This article points out the importance of helping students develop their ability to evaluate material they read and accept the fact that their view could be wrong. This skill can be called “Intellectual Humility” and falls in the realm of social, emotional, and character development. The article suggests five strategies that can be used to […]