Unity Charter School’s Virtual Compliment Booth

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By Unity Charter School, Morristown, NJ

It began several years ago as a fun project for a group of middle school students. They created a compliment booth located in the main hallway of the school where staff, students, families and community members could enter and record a compliment on the tablet located inside the booth. After screening the compliments, the technology education teacher would stream the compliments on the TVs in the two main hallways at various times throughout the day.
These days, those hallways are empty and quiet – but the compliments keep flowing at Unity Charter School because the compliment booth has gone virtual! Staff, students, families and community members can still record acknowledgments and compliments through a free resource called Flipgrid . The “commUNITY” is able to access the password-protected Flipgrid to view these moments of gratefulness. This creative strategy has helped keep the school community connected and focused on the positive. And, after all, who doesn’t love a compliment?

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