Summary: This is an article published in the NJEA Review providing information about the international event called “SEL Day” which will take place on March 10 2023. The article contains some historical background about SEL Day and some examples of activities that schools can use to celebrate the importance of the five SEL competencies as a vital part of student success in school and beyond.

Source: Jennifer Ly and Maurice Elias, NJEA Review, February Issue

Description: “Research has shown, and the New Jersey State Board of Education has affirmed, that students need social-emotional and character competencies as much as they need skills like reading in order to master the many tests of life they will most certainly face. All educators have a collective responsibility to systematically encourage the growth of these skills in students. SEL Day is meant to be a catalyst for those efforts….No matter what your role is in a school, there is a place for you to join the celebration of SEL. We have collected different artifacts from schools all across New Jersey and have gathered a few ideas and lessons for you to implement in the classroom between now and SEL Day… and thereafter!”

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