Using SEL to Meet the Current Needs of Students and Staff

Summary: This article offers six suggestions as to how social-emotional skills can be used to benefit both teachers and their students in these challenging times for education. These suggestions go beyond implementing a program or a curriculum to how SEL skills when embedded in instruction can boost teacher morale and job satisfaction while supporting students’ growth in the acquisition of these important life skills.

Source: Maurice Elias, Edutopia, May 23, 2023

Description: “We are seeing reports about higher-than-usual numbers of teachers leaving or strongly considering leaving their jobs. At the same time, the mental health of students is characterized by high rates of anxiety and depression. Would it surprise you to know that there is a common approach to helping schools retain teachers, help teachers to be motivated to stay in their jobs, and improve the mental health of our youth? It involves listening to what social and emotional learning (SEL) is telling us now.”

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