What our children need in stressful times | Opinion

Summary:  This is an op-ed written by Maurice Elias talking some strategies that will help students and adults deal with the unique challenges that all are facing in this difficult time in our society. He reinforces the need for parents and schools to work together to help address children’s needs.

Source:  Maurice Elias, nj.com, April 30,2022

Description:  “Recent reports from Education Week and our own New Jersey professional education associations all agree that the mental health of our students and educators is suffering. Even as COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths diminish, they have not disappeared. Many families continue to deal with loss, long COVID symptoms, employment changes, and economic stresses. The media tell us about new variants, waning vaccination protections, and “learning loss.”And now comes the war in Ukraine. Try as we might, we cannot shield children from knowing at least some of what is happening and how children are being separated from their families and harmed by violence. This calls on adults — especially parents and grandparents — to open up conversations with children that ultimately will leave them better equipped to cope with challenges in their lives and to feel capable of advocating for justice in their schools, communities, and the world. Families and schools must work together if we are going to help children get through the difficult times we are facing and other challenges that no doubt loom ahead. “

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