SEL4NJ Youth Mental Health Advocacy Collaborative (YMHAC)

The Vision of SEL4NJ’s YMHAC

Every child, every school community receives proactive, coordinated, accessible, and effective youth mental health services.

Operationalizing the Vision…

  • Proactive: focus on early intervention and prevention, not just treatment as challenges arise.
  • Coordinated: work across sectors and systems to provide integrated support
  • Accessible: ensure services are available, accessible and affordable to all children and families
  • Effective: use of evidence-based approaches to improve outcomes.
  • Every child, every school community: Equitable and inclusive support in every school community.



  1. Identify strengths, assets, gaps, needs, and challenges related to systems supporting youth mental, social, and emotional supports systems across the State of New Jersey,
  2. Provide information on youth mental, social, and emotional support systems to providers, policymakers, and stakeholders,
  3. Convene a coalition of youth mental, social, and emotional support providers and stakeholders to identify and propose policy solutions, and
  4. Propose policy changes to legislators and policymakers that align systems, expand services, and support the health development of youth mental, social, and emotional wellbeing.